Monday, February 24, 2014


I've been thinking about this for a while and I'm going to take an extended break from blogging. I have a ton going on in real life right now and blogging doesn't really bring me any excitement or joy anymore.

I'm going to stick around, read, and comment on other blogs, but I'm pretty tired of writing about my own life. You can still follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Thank you to everyone that read and commented regularly! Heck, I even made some real friends along the way, but I think 3+ years of my life online is probably enough.


Friday, February 21, 2014

Five things Friday

Clearly, I'm getting lazy with my posts, but lists are just so easy!

1. On Wednesday, I had an important afternoon meeting and decided to run errands a few hours beforehand. When I got in my car, though, it wouldn't start. I didn't think it was the battery because the lights and the radio all came on, the engine just wouldn't turn over.

So, I did what any almost 30 year old would do and called my mommy. I asked if I could borrow her car for a little bit while she was at work (she works less than a mile from my house). However, as luck would have it, my dad had taken her car to the airport (because it was better on snowy icy roads) and she had my dad's car with manual transmission. Dangit.

In theory, I actually do know how to drive stick, it's the execution that really gets me.

I decided to try my car again and this time none of the lights came on. Suddenly, I had hope. Maybe it was just the battery! My mom drove over to give me a jump, but being the geniuses we are, we couldn't even figure out how to open the hood of my dad's car, despite reading the manual with its ever so helpful illustrations. After silently fuming for a few minutes, I called Mike and got him to come home on his lunch break so we could get the car started. This time, we had no problems and I made it to my meeting. Good thing I really wanted bagels a couple hours beforehand or I never would have made it.

2. I think my Childbirth class is geared towards people without the internet. Yesterday, we spent 2+ hours talking about how the body develops during pregnancy, etc...basically all of the stuff that the internet and my pregnancy app have told me for the past 6+ months. The teacher was a bit of a kook, so that at least made things somewhat interesting. I'm hoping as the class progresses it'll be a little more informative. If nothing else, it culminates in a tour of the hospital, so that will be helpful.

3. While I'm really looking forward to the spring-like thaw this weekend, I know someone that's not going to be happy.

Yesterday, Bungee spent 45 minutes vaulting over snow bangs and digging in snow piles on our walk. I kept having to lure her away from people's yards with treats so we could actually go for a walk.

On the plus side, running and jumping through two foot snow drifts really tuckers her out for the day.

4. Yesterday, I discovered the absolute easiest way to pick a pediatrician for your baby. Call the same pediatrician you had as a kid, when they ask when you want to meet the doctors tell them, "that's ok, I was a patient there until I was 22." They'll think you're crazy, but you're good to go.

This pediatrician also happens to be .25 miles from our house. Mike said that if we're both delirious after the baby is born and they hospital asks what pediatrician we are using we'll just yell "the one closest to the house!" I'm pretty sure that is exactly how it will go down.

5. Maybe I've been watching too many episodes of Bones on the treadmill or maybe it's my strange cannibalism dreams, but I've started a weird habit when I watch Bones. I've started thinking, "hey, I wonder what they'd say about my bones if I was found dead," or, "that is totally true about my bones." Something is clearly wrong with me.

Can you drive manual transmission? Who taught you? Mike really wants to teach me, but I'm afraid it might ruin our know, with all of the yelling.