Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bungee's a vegetarian

Yesterday was WAY cooler than Tuesday, so I decided another lunchtime run was safe. I went out on the same route as the day before, but went the opposite direction to change things up. It's a hilly run no matter which way you go, but the way I went yesterday, you end up with a huge mile long vertical climb right at the end. Clearly, that's just what my legs needed.

This hill is sort of my nemesis. I've had to walk up it too many times to count and, for the last year or so, I've avoided climbing it altogether. I'll run down it, but then make a loop so I don't actually have to climb back up.

I pulled a picture from Google Maps, but because the hill is so long, it kind of just looks flat in the picture.

See? What am I complaining about?

This demonstrates it a little better:

Despite the hill, my run was great. I felt strong the whole time and even managed to demolish the hill. When I told Mike that I ran that way, he was shocked.

After the run, I buckled down and worked for a few more hours until I was meeting my friend Anne for an easy trail run.

Bungee and I ended up getting to the trails a little early, so I decided to tire her out with a pre-trail run, trail run. You see, if Bungee is bored by our pace on the trails, she'll wander, which leads to me having to climb through bushes to get her back on track. That's really not something I'm interested in.

So, I RAN with Bungee on one 2 mile loop. My legs were screaming they were so tired, but Bungee seemed beat, so I figured we could take it easy when Anne got there.

Anne was a few minutes late and, I guess, that was just enough time for Bungee to lounge and replenish her energy stores.

I had to pull her out of the bushes a few times. Once, she was eating something and I was terrified it was some dead animal. Luckily, it was just a plant, it seems Bungee's a vegetarian, too. She just likes to roll around in dead animals, not eat them.

We finished up with a total of 4.3 trail miles and I was done! I went home and pulled on all of the compression gear I own so my body would stop crying. Today's run will certainly be interesting.

Do you have any routes that you avoid running?


  1. I avoid running certain routes due to repeated dog attacks. I learn the hard way I guess. Love that pic of you and Bungee. My dogs partook of lots of grass yesterday. Must've been a veggie kind of day.

  2. Alyssa is going to mock you for your "hill". I can see the future.

    You sure run a lot for someone not training for shit.

  3. I hate when hills don't photograph well because I want people to be impressed. Pretty much any route around my neighborhood is a hilly beast so I only avoid certain routes in the dark because they have fewer street lights. That's a ton of running for a weekday. Well done!

  4. Hills suck to photograph!! I try to avoid repeat hills like the plague - my running partner doesn't let me. Bah.

  5. To get to my neighbor's house you have to go up a STEEP hill and I hate even walking up it. I tried doing hill springs there once, never again.

  6. My neighborhood is pretty much all hills - makes for pretty unpleasant training some days, but definitely pays off race days.

  7. Wait until tomorrow when I post an elevation map of my race on Saturday. It makes me want to cry.

  8. Way to dominate those hills AND the trail run! Is there meat in dog food?

  9. I don't understand why dogs feel the need to roll in dead things. Ewwww.

  10. Hills definitely suck to photograph. My lab is pale yellow, so when she rolls in the nasties - sometimes it leaves dark smears on her fur...


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