Friday, May 11, 2012


Time for a little 5 things Friday action.

1. I know you are all on pins and needles wondering about Bungee's fate. First, here's a video of her weird symptoms (I suggest turning off your sound because there's weird background feedback).


She's fine and doing much better today. The vet thinks she has a case of doggy reflux. Who knew that was a thing?

I hate it here!
She suffered through the vet visit freaking out the whole time. When the doc when to take her temperature (yep, rectally), she suggested I hold Bungee's collar. She said, "You might want to hold onto her in case she freaks out...nevermind, looks like she's the suffer in silence type." Yep, that's our girl. 

2. Speaking of the vet, it looks like both of the women in our vet practice are runners and, now, Aspaeris Pivot Short wearers! Our vet commented on my sweet new Brooks Pure Connect sneakers and then asked about the sticker on my car. We started talking running and how she's had some knee issues and the other vet was having recovery time trouble, so they both bought shorts! Small world. 


Also, is it just me or does you trust people a little more when you find out they are runners?

3. I'm not sure if it's because Bungee can't talk and can't tell me how she feels or if I'm just a big giant lame, but I felt SO awful for her yesterday. When Mike and I took her to the store to get more of her food, I made Mike buy her a present to make her feel better. I'm pretty sure dogs aren't smart enough to understand the present for illness, but it made me feel better, especially because the present was so awesome.

Look closely, she's guarding it with her life. It's a sweet dinosaur Nylabone

4. Today, Mike is off from work which always makes me jealous when he has the day off and I have to work. It is especially enviable when I am HOME working and he's lounging. He can enjoy it for a little bit, but later I'm putting him to work helping me test build Aspaeris' tent and event booth. We have our first race sponsorship next weekend and I'm so excited to go!

5. Earlier this week, I visited our local running store and while I was there, something in my bag started beeping. Turns out, the remote starter to my car is haunted and will, not only, start my car without any buttons pressed, but can also do it from over 100 yards away. Needless to say, I popped the batteries out of that sucker and stored it somewhere safe. In the winter, when I want to use it, I'll have to store all of the pieces separately and only put them together when I want to use it. Then again, that sounds like a hassle, so maybe I'll just suffer through a cold car.

Did you get presents when you were sick as a kid? Or, parents, do you give your kids presents when they are sick?

Seriously, do you trust people more when you find out they are runners?


  1. Wait, you complain endlessly about everything and now we find out that you never even have to get into a cold car? We need to rename this blog "1% Problems"

    1. I've had the car for 3 hasn't been cold.

    2. I know, seriously, am I supposed to feel bad for you because you are home working while lounging in your sweats all comfortable?

    3. I can relate - I feel like I'm always working when Christian is home/drinking a cocktail/sleeping. I don't know what I would have to do if I had to be working AND wear real clothes.

  2. Everyone is more trustworthy if I find out they are a runner. Doctors, vets, neighbors, etc. It's probably not smart. You should research what percentage of criminals are actually runners.

  3. Our vet isn't a runner (but he's a cute little irishman, so that's pretty fun, too), but seriously, every time I'm in the office, I end up in a waiting room full of runners. Something about active people and dog owners?

  4. Bungee and my Bogie would be fast friends. Mine's a total mess too! Last night I went for a run and another dog tried to attack me and he got between me and that dog, THEN the dog went after him and he ran away as fast as he could yelping. I felt horrible for him. It was almost hysterical because the dog trying to attack me was a chihuahua and Bogie is half pit bull! :) Hope Bungee girl get to feeling better!

  5. In HS, my mom once bribed me with a sweater to get me to take a blood test to find out if I had mono (I did). I definitely trust runners more. Especially after finding out how lame triathletes are.

  6. Aww poor Bungee! Trips to the vet suck! Hope she's feeling better.
    Yep, I definitely trust runners more.

  7. I definitely think that I trust runners more, which is very weird when I say it but it's true. Something just seems more real. I am glad Bungee is feeling better.

  8. I am so jealous of that dinosaur Nylabone. I've been wanting to get Rufus one to match his collar, but Amazon doesn't seem to guarantee your choice of shapes.

  9. I'm going to go so far as to say that I don't trust people who are not runners.


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