Meet the Ricigs

me (and my dad)
Hi, I'm Kari and I'm addicted to exercise. I'm also a sarcastic eccentric who needs to get out more before I become a hermit (my husband agrees). I live with my first husband, Mike and our dog, Bungee (Bob for short) in a quiet little town in CT. Thank goodness I don't like cats (I've heard they check to make sure you're alive while you sleep, just in case you are dead and they can eat you), because I could be your crazy neighborhood cat lady. I've started blogging to keep track of some of my more entertaining ideas and actions and hopefully give others a good laugh at the same time.

me and Mike

This is my husband, Mike. Check out the fantastic beard on this guy! Mike is my running, reading, and all around life partner. He's great, everybody loves him. I know you will, too.


This is Bungee, by far the cutest member of my family. She had a rough start in Louisiana, but is having a great time rehabbing and learning to be a "normal" dog with us.Whatever normal means.


  1. Hi there! Just found your blog randomly and I love it! I'm also a "running Katie"! :)

    Your dog is precious!! I live in Louisiana. Where did you get her from?

  2. Hey Kari!

    Like the person above me, I randomly found your blog! I have to say, I'm also a fellow runner & sarcastic exercise-oh-holic. Have to say, your blog is really entertaining!

  3. Why did it take me this long to put two and two together??? FOLLOWING!!!!!

  4. wait woah woah woah........

    I am just realizing who you are, KARI!

    I am little slow this morning, my coffee has yet to kick in :)
    Is the mug you are asking about of Bungee?!?! I hope so! I would love to paint her cute face!

    I will e-mail you back now, following you!

  5. Ahahaha, me too! It just now clicked in my head.... duh :)

  6. Also randomly just found your blog - apparently a year after most ;) Looking forward to looking through old post!

  7. Hi...just noticed a comment on SR's blog and thought I would come read yours......what's funny is that once I posted my true feelings toward my daughter's CC race last fall....long story short...within about 20 minutes my hubby text me to tell me to delete it in case any one "we knew" would read it and be offended.

    Sheesh...I thought it was MY blog to post MY thoughts..but I guess I still need to watch what I share. ;-)


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